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AH71  Deep into the Blue - Fissure Diving All year round

  • Diving in Silfra 

Tour Description:

If you are a certified diver, with or without a dry suit experience, this tours is something for you. It gives you the opportunity to dive in one of the world’s top ten diving sites Silfra, situated in the Þingvellir National Park. Silfra is actually a crack/fissure in the face of the earth and has a constant temperature of 1-3°C all year round. 

You can swim out the fissure without effort due to a mild current thrusting you onwards. Silfra offers open water diving, caving and deep diving, but the depth is about 40 meters open water and 60 meters inside of a cave.

Weather does not play any part in diving in Silfra, except it’s more beautiful in sunny weather. You will be accompanied by a PADI Dive master or a PADI Instructor. It is really easy to dive in this area, because we can choose from different routes depending on your experience as a diver. 

We recommend that you wear warm undergarments beneath the diving suit and bring extra clothing. You will have to have experience as a diver and be familiar with all the equipment involved.
Due to the limited daylight hours from 15 November through 1 February the tour departs Reykjavik at 10:00 with pickup at your hotel at 09:15.

Itinerary Details:  

PADI Instructor
Diving Equipment
Guidance as shown under Guidance below
Online Booking: Up to 24 hours prior to tour departure.
TIP Are you interested in finding out more about the places we visit on this tour such as the Þingvellir National Park and Silfra? Click here to find more interesting places in Iceland.


All departures, all year round

Tour details

Days of week:
Departure times
09:00 (15 Nov - 1 Feb at 10:00)
Free hotel pick-up service
Pick-up: 08:15 (15 Nov - 1 Feb at 09:15)
4 - 6 hours
Travelling with children
only available for > 18 years with PADI license

Price: 0 ISK
location of tour
Customer reviews

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CARN wrote:
Very good experience. Excellent dive instructor.

Bauer wrote:
Incredible experience but not recommended for beginners!
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CARN wrote:
Very good experience. Excellent dive instructor.

Bauer wrote:
Incredible experience but not recommended for beginners!

Morris wrote:
This was a fantastic tour. The guides were experienced, fun, and flexible. I'd never done dry suit/cold water diving before and they were extremely helpful. Visibility was amazing, and the underwater views were awe-inspiring. If you can spare the time and you enjoy diving, definitely take the time to go on this tour.

Luu wrote:
Amazing tour! The guide provided us with amazing photos also so we had a lasting souvenir.

Lanyon wrote:
We had a fantastic time. I really do think that one way to benefit this would be to have a little hut, it doesnt have to be very much or special but just somewhere to get ready inside.
Iceland Excursions:
Thank you for your review and comments. The reason why there is´nt a shelter or a hut at the snorkeling site is that the National Park of Thingvellir is a Unesco Heritage Site which does not allow for any structures and building that can spoil the nature of the area. So glad you enjoyed your tour though.
Nafn wrote:
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