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Iceland and its people
Iceland is the second largest island in Europe (103,000 The first inhabitants arrived from Scandinavia and the British Isles more than 1100 years ago. Its present population is approximately 320,000, nearly half of which lives in or around the capital, Reykjavík. The rest of the population is distributed around the coastal fringes, leaving the centre of the country uninhabited.

Icelanders are proud of their language, which hardly differs from the Old Norse spoken by the first settlers. Well educated and well travelled, most Icelanders are multilingual, which makes communication relatively easy for English speaking visitors.
The Icelandic language is actually old Norse (spoken by the Vikings that first settled on the island) that has not changed much through the years.

To start learning Icelandic, some pronunciation tips for Icelandic phrases:

  • a = like a in father
  • e = like e in test
  • i, y = like i in little
  • u = like German ü in für or French u in tu
  • ö = like German ö in höher or French eu in neuf
  • æ = sounds like eye
  • ð = like th in weather (voiced th)
  • þ = like th in thorn (unvoiced th)
Icelandic Small Talk

Yes = Já
No = Nei
Thank you = Takk
Thank you very much = Takk fyrir
You're welcome = þú ert velkominn/Gerðu svo vel
Please = Vinsamlegast/Takk
Excuse me = Fyrirgefðu
Hello = Halló/Góðan daginn
Goodbye = Bless
What is your name? = Hvað heitir þú?
Nice to meet you = Gaman að kynnast þér
How are you? = Hvernig hefur þú það?
Good = Góður/Góð (male/fem.)
Bad = Vondur/Vond (male/fem.)
Where is ...? = Hvar er ...?
One ticket to ..., please. = Einn miða til ..., (takk fyrir).
Where are you going? = Hvert ertu að fara?

Bus = Strætisvagn
Airport = Flugvöllur
Bus station = Umferðarmiðstöð
Departure = Brottför
Arrival = Koma
Car rental agency = Bílaleiga
Hotel = Hótel
Room = Herbergi
Reservation = Bókun

zero = núll
one = einn
two = tveir
three = þrír
four = fjórir
five = fimm
six = sex
seven = sjö
eight = átta
nine = níu
ten = tíu

Useful Icelandic Phrases

How much does this cost? = Hvað kostar þetta (mikið)
I would like to buy ... = Ég mundi vilja kaupa ...
Do you accept credit cards? = Takið þið við krítarkortum?
Open = Opið
Closed = Lokað
Good morning: Góðan daginn (gouthan dayinn)
Good afternoon: Góðan daginn
Good day: Góðan daginn
Good evening: Góða kvöldið
How much is... ? - Hvað kostar ..... ?
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